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Julia Walters established Spirit Of The Rainbow in 2016. At a young age Julia was spiritually aware but not having a full understanding of what this meant but always had an interest in Psychic and Spiritual Development.


When Julia’s father passed away a few years ago, Julia was consumed with grief which was an incredibly dark and sad time for her. However, this provided a huge energy shift for Julia that lead her to the Spiritualist Church in Maidenhead. Upon attending the church regularly, she got to know a lovely lady named Sharon Silver who navigated her through the steps of grief and began her spiritual journey. Later on, Julia became a Committee Member and Vice President of the Church. Julia has continued to develop her spiritual learning by becoming a Spiritual Medium enabling her to connect with the spirits and share her experiences. Alongside this, Julia is a Qualified Reiki and Crystal Healing Practioner.


Spirit Of The Rainbow is a Crystal and Spiritual Healing shop for not only spiritual minded people but for people that are seeking spiritual development or even if you just need a chat. The shop was created to be there for help and support in peoples hour of needs just like Julia experienced with the Church.