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Welcome to our about us page. 


Spirit of the Rainbow was founded in 2016. Offering, Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing, Tarot Readings, a vast range of stunning crystals and so much more. 


It’s been a long road to get here but I hope that you can find comfort in your struggles with us. After my father passed away, I was consumed by grief and it wasn’t until something shifted that I asked for help from the Spiritualist Church in Maidenhead. I met Pam Saunders, who I hold close to my heart as she led me through grief and opened up my spiritual journey. 


From a young age I had huge interest in all things psychic and spiritual but didn’t have enough understanding to fully commit. I have now continued to develop and am proud to say I have become a Spiritual Medium enabling me to connect with the spirits and share experiences with others. Whilst also qualified as a Reiki and Crystal Healing Practitioner. 


We are based in the heart of Princes Risborough and since the 15th July 2021 have a Spiritualist Centre where we hold workshops and evenings of Mediumship.  


Pop into the shop, check out our new social media pages AND, look out for online shopping which is coming soon. We would love to see you there but until then, remember to look to the light and love. 


Julia Walters, Proud owner. Signing off.

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